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The Stress Reduction Series (SRS) videos are extremely gentle, breath based practices, designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well being.  In a therapeutic setting the most basic postures are done in slow motion, paired with strong attentional focus on a particular area of the body, and then coordinated with super slow breathing techniques.  We call this technique MBA (Movement, Breath and Attention™).   The idea is to bring blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the area that is in need of healing.   The MBA™ technique produces the relaxation response and helps the practitioner to access the parasympathetic nervous system in body, mind and breath.


All Stress Reduction Series™ (SRS) videos are downloadable MP4 files.  You can access the download links at the end of your checkout process.  The download link will also be sent to you in a confirmation email that you will receive after checkout.


Bonus!!Audio-only, downloadable version of the video included!  Once you have learned the practice you can use this smaller audio file for your computer or device.


Please be advised that if you have an iPhone or iPad, you will need to purchase and download on your computer first, and then transfer to your device in iTunes. Android users can download directly to their device and watch immediately.