Optimal State Assessment Course & Certification for Yoga and Yoga Therapy Practitioners (CE’s for IAYT available)

    • 6 hours of video + 4 hours of homework = 10 hours of CE’s
    • Introduction
    • Physical assessment
    • Breath assessment
    • Mental assessment
    • Personality assessment
    • Emotional assessment
    • Spiritual assessment
  • 9 Assessment PDF Worksheets
    • You will practice assessing your clients and turn these worksheets in as homework.  After you turn in your homework, we will evaluate it and give you the certification papers to use this work with your clients.
  • Assessment Worksheets
    • Assessment worksheets are included in the workshop.  The worksheets are printable and will make it easy for you and your client to evaluate the gunas in action.

We now have a 108-page eBook that you can use to support yourself and educate your clients!  Get your free copy at www.GoldZoneBook.com.

Another resource for both you and your clients to use for yoga therapy assessment is a mobile App called Optimal State.  The goal of this App is that your clients would track their embodied mental health state, and then be able to email the yoga or yoga therapy practitioner their data before each session.  In this way, the client benefits from tracking and building self-awareness and self-regulation, and the practitioner has accurate data about what has been happening mentally, emotionally and physically for the client.  The App is available for both iPhone and Android.  See www.OptimalStateApp.com for more details and links to the App stores.