Amy Wheeler is a new thought leader in the field of Mental Health and Women’s Health who is changing the world with her revolutionary Optimal State® system of health and healing. Amy’s life purpose has been to change the way people view mental and physical health by educating them about the inter-relationship between ancient philosophy of yoga, psychology and physical health. For over 25 years Amy has been a consultant to elite level athletes, peak performers and healthcare organizations that require living in their optimal state to achieve their desired goals.

Amy has inspired many during her decades of work in the yoga, health and psychology fields. Her educational and research work have helped her create a unique approach for healing the whole person. She brings insights and experiences that have helped countless people better understand themselves and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Her work with elite health organizations, educational institutions and world champion athletes have refined her expertise, resulting in simplified, accessible, intuitive tools and techniques to help others excel in their lives.

Amy empowers people by helping them to improve and manage their mental, emotional and physical health. By reducing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, Amy’s students and clients learn how to create the space they need for healing their body, mind and spirit. Amy helps students understand the patterns that create imbalance in our systems. Old habits can be transformed into a new & improved, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Small changes can have big results. Amy has proven that when we create healthy, sustainable habits and patterns, even minor improvements can lead to profound, long-term benefits. Awareness and understanding of how all layers of the human system are interconnected creates a foundation for lifelong wellness. Learn how to nourish your mind, emotions and body and to recognize what helps keep you in balance. Appropriate mental & emotional tools, physical activities and dietary practices all play a crucial role in our overall health and well-being.

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