Are you ready to experience a new and meaningful career from the comfort of your own home? A career where you can help others and keep yourself in balance at the same time?  We can help you find your purpose in life.  We can teach you how to develop and run a successful yoga therapy business while you share your love of yoga with others.

The Optimal State Yoga Therapy School has specialized in online learning for over a decade. Our yoga therapy curriculum was designed with the student as the center of the online learning process.  It is interactive, allowing for large group learning, breaking off into small pods, dyads and more.  We do actual yoga practices on a regular basis so that you can experience the difference that the yoga therapy practices have on your mind and body.

The best part of the Optimal State Yoga Therapy Program is that you will simultaneously be studying via the online platform, and also learning how to work effectively as an online telehealth care provider.  Your experience as a student will prepare you to be successful practitioner.  Our program has a strong focus on mental healthcare and lifestyle coaching, which is perfect for providing telehealth in the upcoming years.

The Optimal State Yoga Therapy Program is unique in that it incorporates business development, helping to create job security for our graduates. We spend over 6 months taking you step-by-step and teaching you how to design a sustainable telehealth and in-person business that includes at least 9 different streams of income. We want you to be recession proof.

Wondering if you can afford to join us? We are one of the only yoga therapy programs that has a built in monthly payment system to help you pay for the program over time. In addition, we encourage you to begin seeing clients at the end of your first year. This means you will be making money as you get your degree.  The summary of costs for the 865 program is about $400 per month for 36 months (plus a deposit and curriculum fees).

CV19 Update:  All 865 Yoga Therapy Training is being taught online until further notice.  We do our best to create schedules and timings for our students all over the world to participate.  This is a great time to join our program if you would like to travel less.  This unique opening for complete online learning is indefinite and we anticipate that is will be available for 18 months- 3 years.

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The values we hold close to our heart at the Optimal State Yoga Therapy Program are: 1) Training excellent yoga therapists that will be able to attract and retain clients because they get results, 2) Teaching our yoga therapists how to create and market a profitable business, 3) Welcome and include all people regardless of age, gender orientation, ethnicity, race, religious or secular belief structure and socioeconomic status, 4) Maintain long-term relationships with our students so that we can support them for years to come.

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What exactly does a yoga therapist do? 

First, the yoga therapist performs a formal health intake and also a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment with the client.  This assessment includes discussing the functioning and sensations in the physical body and the breathing patterns.  Additionally, it might include improving awareness around if the client is stuck in their sympathetic nervous system, or is able to get into the relaxation response quickly and effectively.  The assessment also includes looking at the mental habits that are supportive and life-giving or not so helpful.  The yoga therapist and client will explore with mindful attention how mental habits impact the client’s perception, communication style and relationships.  In some cases, if the client desires, there might even be an exploration of their spiritual connection or lack there of.  The assessment could include the ability or inability of the client to finding meaning and purpose in life.

Next, a daily plan for lifestyle changes and daily practice is developed and agreed upon by yoga therapist and client.  The goals are set mutually depending on the time, energy and focus the client can offer to the healing process.  These results of the lifestyle changes are tracked and adjusted over time to create optimal results.  When the yoga therapist is actually able to help people reach their goals, they will find clients returning again and again for more lessons.

Yoga therapy can also be offered to groups of 6-12 people who are experiencing similar symptoms or disease pathology.  The yoga therapist would still do an initial assessment and goal setting, just in a less comprehensive way, with each student.

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