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Episode Zero:  Introduction to Yoga Therapy Hour Podcast

This is Episode Zero of the new podcast that is launching officially on May 13th, 2021. In Episode Zero we introduce the concept of Yoga Therapy Hour with Amy Wheeler, and the types of topics we will cover.

Episode #1:  Interview with Alyssa Wostrel

(New Executive Director of IAYT)

Amy talks with Alyssa Wostrel, the new Executive Director (ED) of the International Association of Yoga Therapists(IAYT). Alyssa’s career has been devoted to increasing access to complementary, integrative, whole-person healthcare by supporting a paradigm shift toward health creation and well-being.
She shares how the experience has been in the new role as ED, and how her strong leadership experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit worlds helps in the position she is in. They discuss the progress of the IAYT and what they have accomplished in under 20 years, and how to advance the profession to expand the workforce and field of yoga therapy.
They touch on the following:
• Helping people understand what yoga therapy is in a clear and concise way.
• Alyssa talks about her experience before IAYT and what she brings to IAYT.
• Alyssa also discusses the IAYT’s mission, which is to partake in projects that help increase access to integrative care, wellness, and health awareness.
• They discuss IAYT’s mission, strategic plans, and goals.
• Alyssa talks about the upcoming IAYT National Examination.
• And finally, what to expect at the online 2021 SYTAR AND SYR.

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