Monthly Yoga Therapy Clinics with Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.

Why register for the monthly yoga therapy clinic?

Lifestyle Wellness & Yoga Therapy goes beyond a group yoga class

– First, we check in with each person individually to see what their health concerns are and tailor practices

– We ask each individual to be self-empowered and set goals for themselves

– We ask that you track your progress over time to see your improvements

– We spend time each session on lifestyle management with stress reduction, setting daily schedules, proper eating habits, sleep routines

– We ask you to keep a personal journal on the topic of the month to track your thoughts, emotions and feelings

– We encourage you to track your habits and patterns with our Optimal State Mobile App

– We provide a support and safe environment within the group

– We do a check-in at the beginning of each class

– Each month will have a new topic for healing

– You will have a Lifestyle Engineer guiding the group that can help you begin to manage your choices, habits and patterns for less suffering and more joy

The cost per month is $59 and includes 4 Live classes, 4 recordings that you can keep, a journal and community support. Multiple people in the same household can register together for $59.

Monthly Topics for 2024:

2024 Monday Night Clinic -5

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Please note that you will need to register for each month that you plan to attend. As soon as you register you will see the Zoom Link within your confirmation email.

At Home Practice: We would love for you to do the weekly practice at least twice on your own before the upcoming Monday when the class changes again.

Your Guide: Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. has been a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Therapist for individuals and groups for over two decades. Amy started her journey as a Hospital Wellness Director in the Chicago area in 1993. She continued on to teach health and wellness at California State University as a Professor of Kinesiology for 25 years and recently retired. She has been the President of the Board for the International Association of Yoga Therapists from 2018-2020. Currently Amy is Founder and Director of the Optimal State Yoga Therapy School, where she trains Yoga Therapists globally.

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Please note that you will need to register for each month that you plan to attend. A Zoom Link will be sent to you the first day of class.

When I began this journey I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but felt certain that continuing to learn more about yoga would be beneficial in so many ways. I appreciate so much the time and attention that you have given me since last September. Each exercise had a purpose and you so patiently worked with me until “I got it”. Your patience and encouragement was felt every step of the way! You all listened as I opened up about my fears, my embarrassments and my future. I wish everyone had this opportunity!!

I came home on Saturday with a renewed sense of wonder and amazement, at what I had accomplished and where I am headed in the future. I am feeling so much better physically, mentally and emotionally. I will continue to do my exercises at home and continue to feed the birds and the squirrels as a loving-kindness meditation. And I am sure there will soon be a puppy/rescue dog in my life!
-Jennie G.