Our Patterns with Food- Blog #4

osol-horizontal-optima-3x2-72Write down the times you are likely to over-eat, or make poor choices.

Keep a journal of what happened the day your over-ate or made poor choices.  See patterns emerge.  If it first you do not succeed, try and try again.  Discuss replacement of your not-so-great habits and patterns with more positive ones.

1)  After a long day of work when I am tired

2)  When I have had a fight with my husband

3)  When I feel the need to numb out from stress

4)  When I am emotional and hormonal before my period

5)  When I am in a hurry  and have no time to cook

6)  Where are no good food choices in the house

7)  When I don’t have the money to make a healthy food choice

8)  When I don’t give a shit about my weight

Now match up solutions with the times you are likely to over-eat.  Keep a copy of this and refer to it until the solutions become second nature.

After a long day of work, I will reward myself with a green drink from the smoothie shop.

When I have a fight with my husband, I will call up my BFF and get some empathy.

When I feel the need to numb out, I will turn on a funny movie.

When I am hormonal I will eat protein and stay away from simply carbs.

When I don’t have time to cook, I will ask for help from my husband and tell him what to make for us for dinner.

When there is nothing in the house to eat, I will use this as an opportunity to clean out my system and eat very simply for a day.

When we are struggling financially, we will only eat whole-grains and vegetables (no expensive processed food).

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