Self-Care is Your Friend- Blog #1

osol-horizontal-optima-3x2-72Are you a woman with too little energy, too little time, too little Self-love, and too little nourishment?  Do you often feel that if you just had more money you could solve all of these problems?  You dream of being able to hire a housekeeper, getting someone to help you with the kids, and being able to buy the gym membership, massages and proper nutrition that you need to feel nourished.

The purpose of this blog entry is to help you change your life for the better, regardless of your financial budget, your time and energy limitations.  It requires some major shifts in your perspective and will take many small steps to get you there.  But, you will be happier, healthier and more nourished in the end.

Why is the Modern Woman So Depleted?

Long, long ago women had a very different view of the world and of themselves.  They inherently knew how powerful they were.  And they knew that this power came form a place deep within that could not be touched, taken or hurt by another human being.  Women had a connection to their deepest heart, they knew who they were and why they had come to earth in this body. Power coming from these creative and feminine energies of the heart is indestructible, permanent, and flows easily with grace, empowering women of all ages, faiths and cultures.

Unfortunately, many women have forgotten about their internal source of power.  They have lost connection with Self, family, nature and the divine..  When women became disconnected form this source, they began to feel drained and eventually became depleted.

We need to tell women that it is OK to take care of herself and be connected to the rhythms of her own heart.. It is necessary for her to be kind and generous with herself before she can share with others.  There is no need to feel guilty for saying “no” to others; and saying “yes” to herself.  Women need to know that until they have nourished themselves, they are not going to be able nourish others, much less fulfill her life purpose.

Some women have come to believe that by being a martyr, she/ they are serving the world.  I would argue that until each woman learns to spend time each day connecting with her deepest Self, that the world will continue to decline.  What appears selfish by focusing on herself in the short terms, is actually the path towards her contributing to the world in a meaningful way.  Each woman is here for a purpose; and we will never get to see her potential until she begins to take care of herself and find more balance.

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