Optimal State Assessment CourseCreating Healthy Habits

Optimal State Assessment Course

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Optimal State Assessment Course

This course includes:

  • Streaming video lectures (10 streaming videos)
  • Assessment Worksheets  (9 PDF downloads)


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Optimal State® Assessment Course presents a paradigm for assessing health through the lens of yoga, yoga therapy and ayurveda.  This assessment system looks at all the layers of the individual. This course can help practitioners guide clients or students to recognize their imbalances and create healthy new habits and patterns. Through the Optimal State® system, you learn about different indicators that help people better understand how to simply identify potential imbalances on the 5 layers of the human system and beyond. With this framework, people are better able to make positive, sustainable mental, emotional and physical health choices. This course will provide insights into how to recognize when we are out of balance and how to create an “Optimal State Of Living®”.  It is also applicable for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and anyone working from the lens of  the elemental healing. Optimal State® Assessment Course materials include:

  • 6 hours of streaming video lectures (10 streaming videos)
    • Introduction
    • Physical assessment
    • Breath assessment
    • Mental assessment
    • Personality assessment
    • Emotional assessment
    • Spiritual assessment
  • Assessment Worksheets  (9 PDF downloads)
    • 9 Assessment PDF Worksheets
    • You will practice assessing your clients and turn these worksheets in as homework.  After you turn in your homework, we will evaluate it and give you the certification papers to use this work with your clients.

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