Yoga Sutra Chapter 2 Course20 hour self-paced online video course

Yoga Sutra Chapter 2 Course

Lessons: 5
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You will have 2 years of access to the course.  Each of the 5 lessons is approximately 2 hours of video (streaming) and 2 hours of assignments. You will receive the full course workbooks and materials with the first lesson of the course. Study questions for each section are provided, as well as worksheets to go along with each video/audio.

Please note: To access/revisit the course after registering, you can go to the “Membership” tab at the top of the homepage and click “Sign In” with your email and password, or you can use the email confirmation you received immediately after checkout and click the link next to “View Course.”

All required course materials are digital streaming and include:

  1. Streaming video lectures (approx. 10hrs)
  2. Streaming, audio-only versions of the videos

Optional/recommended materials for the course include:

  1. Yoga Sutra Chapter 2 Course Workbook download
  2. Yoga Sutra Chapter 2 Course Worksheets download

The PDF and Microsoft Word(.doc) files are identical. Please use the PDF files if you are completing the forms by hand, or the .doc files if you complete the worksheets on your computer.