Jan 2, 2021

History of Yoga & Yoga Therapy (am)

Faculty:  Priya Saini Verma
Honoring the roots of yoga as coming from India, we strive to learn the historical and cultural setting that yoga and yoga therapy emerged from.  Topics: How did yoga begin? How was it kept it alive?  What were the major milestones and time periods?  Who can we thank for protecting it over thousands of years?  All yogis are welcome to attend this talk!

Building Your Yoga Business & Professional Development (pm)

Faculty:  Amy Wheeler
Using the yamas and niyamas to be the foundation of building your ethical business.  Practicing yamas and niyamas in marketing, advertising and student care are the keys to success.  We will examine our own behavior and work through scenarios to determine right action and clear decision making in business.  All yoga teachers and yoga therapist are encouraged to attend.

Feb 6, 2021

Purusha, Prakriti & Prana in Yoga Therapy (am)

Faculty:  Amy Wheeler
Lecture on the relationship between Purusha, Prakriti, & Prana and how to use this model for healing in the context of Yoga Therapy. Using the elements, the senses and types of mind, we’ll explore moving from illness to health, healing & beyond.

Yoga Therapy Scope of Practice (pm)

Faculty:  Priya Saini Verma
Group discussions on the IAYT Scope of Practice in Yoga Therapy.  Explore in detail how each part of the Scope of Practice must be grounded in Yoga Philosophy.  We will also discuss the new IAYT policy for touch; providing clear instructions for waivers & practices around touch.