The ancient yogis took to great lengths to teach us about prana, or life-force.  They tell us that we can learn to “invite” this life-force into all of the layers of our human system (physical, breath, mental, personality and emotions).  The yogis had very interesting models on our subtle anatomy and how we can best activate the prana in our system.  The model discussed in this over 5 classroom hour audio/ video series has to do with prana, agni and mala.  Agni is the symbolic fire in our system that cleanses us from the inside out.  We must learn how to use the fire correctly, tend to the fire and sometimes even increase the fire.  Mala, on the other hand is, the “dirt” or toxins in the 5 layers of the human system.  It is our ego, our desires, our fears, and even our inability to accept change.  The Prana, Agni and Mala Model shows how we can tend to our fire correctly in order to burn mala effectively.  When we burn off the mala, we are left with more prana or vitality which can help us experience lightness and spaciousness in our hearts.  When we feel this openness and prana flowing, we choose to live our lives very differently.  We live a life that has purpose and clarity.

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Through the tools of yoga, postures, breath work and meditation, we can tend to our fire appropriately.  This course goes over specifics of how we can use these tools personally, in our group classes and in private yoga therapy lessons for maximum mala burning.  In the end,  we can use the tools of yoga to make a difference in the world and be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be!  Try this course and see if it can change your life for the better, professionally and personally!

This self-paced Video course can be taken by individuals for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), complete with a CEU certificate (upon request) from Healing Yoga Institute. This course can also help complete distance learning hours for yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy trainings. If you have a teacher training or yoga therapy training group, please email us at: for details and group rates.

Course includes: 
5.5 hr Video
Subtle Anatomy of Asana Workbook

Course Title:
 Yogic Subtle Anatomy of Asana
 self start (completion within 10 weeks from start date)
Location: Online

Instructor: Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.
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