We are thrilled to announce that Optimal State® has a new location in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains.  The retreat center is 66 miles East of Los Angeles and 58 miles Northeast of Irvine/ Orange County and 62 miles from Palm Springs.  We hold all of our long-term trainings, day-long workshops, Community Days, Solstice gatherings, bi-yearly cleanse weekends, K-12 Optimal State programing, Saturday morning asana classes and private lessons at this center.  See pictures by scrolling down on this page.

The property has several buildings for yoga practice, lecturing, student housing, kitchens for cooking and more!  There are also trails to go hiking near by.  When you walk into the property you will feel the energy flowing immediately.  This feeling might be caused by the rushing water from Arrowhead Springs water supply that you can hear in the classroom, or maybe all the flowers and fruit trees, the green hills, the big blue sky and millions of stars at night…  You have to come and experience it!  Mother Nature is at her finest here!  The center is below the snow-line, so there is no need for 4-wheel drive.  The altitude is about 3000 feet above sea level.  Depending on the time of year it can be quite hot or very chilly, so check the weather before you come.  We would also recommend bringing layers of clothing, possibly a blanket and even heavy socks and house slippers for your comfort when you come to our events.  You will want to have sturdy shoes and a sun hat if you plan to go hiking during the breaks.  We ask that you not hike alone, and that you keep a watchful eye out for anything in nature that may cause you harm.

We have light and healthy meals available at most of our events.  In the morning we offer Chai, fruit and snacks.  Lunchtime meal includes kitchari (dahl and rice nicely spiced) and a cooked vegetable.  We invite you to bring food to share with the community, but it is not necessary if you are coming from a distance.  We will always have plenty of food to share!  You are also welcome to bring your own meal to our events if you have food restrictions.  If you can bring your own travel mug, we appreciate this!

We will offer a bi-annual fall and spring Rest, Restore, Renew weekends.  Make this part of your self-care routine to come home to yourself, get quiet inside, be in nature, write/ journal, eat simple foods, daily oil massage, rest and renew,  take naps, forget the clock, hike, do yoga and meditation in a semi-structured retreat setting.  Come by yourself or come with a friend and give your system a reset.  Details and upcoming dates will be announced soon!

The address of the center is:  2231 Old Waterman Canyon Road, San Bernardino, CA 92404



To find out more and to receive a copy of Frequently Asked Questions, please email us at: yoga@amywheeler.com

We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!