First appointment is an intake and assessment and will last approximately 55 minutes.  You will receive a mini- practice after this lesson.  The second appointment is to develop your first daily practice and new lifestyle medicine daily routine.  This lesson will take 55 minutes and you will have your new routine.  Please schedule 2 lessons within a 2 week period so that we can achieve our goals together.  Then, after the first two are complete, we can meet one time per month to ensure your health and healing!

Each lesson is $108.  You will pay for the lesson when you reserve your time-slot.  If you should need to cancel, please do so by giving me at least 48-hour notice.  This will allow us to fill in the spot from the waiting list.  If you cancel before 48 hours of your appointment time, you can use the credit for a lesson at another time.

Payment options include Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.

Lessons are conducted on Skype, Face-time, Zoom or by phone.  These lessons are not in-person.  If you would like to schedule an in-person lesson please contact Amy privately via email.

Please note: All appointments are scheduled for Pacific Standard Time(PST). Please check your timezone difference to PST when scheduling.

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