Anxiety & Depression WorkshopThis workshop gives practical insight into how yoga and yoga therapy look at anxiety and depression.

Anxiety & Depression Workshop

Lessons: 1
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The Anxiety & Depression Workshop looks at healthy lifestyle, wellness and overall well being. Learn how to assess and manage daily and long term health  from a Yoga Therapy paradigm.

This workshop includes theory as well as application and practice.  This workshop is appropriate for all levels of students.  The course is designed for beginning to advanced students who are experiencing depression & anxiety.  This course will provide insights into how to recognize when we are out of balance and how to create an “Optimal State Of Living™”.  It is also applicable for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and health care practitioners who would like to know how to help their clients find health & healing.

Anxiety & Depression Workshop Lesson materials include:

  • 2  streaming video lectures (2 video approximately 50 minutes each)
  • 2 streaming practice videos (physical, breath & meditation)

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  • Bonus: Audio only downloads of the streaming lectures and practice for you to keep.  Audio downloads can be found after checkout is complete, as well as in your confirmation email that you will receive after check out.