Upcoming Start Dates:  September 12-20, 2020 • September 11-19, 2021
Enrollment Window Open November 1st- December 15th each year

 Refine your skill set, define your life. Your transformation begins in September!

Specialist program accepts students who have a 200 or 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification (or equivalent experience), and also C-IAYT’s.  Other potential students who have experience in taking yoga classes may be admitted by permission of the Program Director if their background is considered appropriate.  Please contact us if you would like us to consider your resume.

Continue your Yoga and Yoga Therapy training and become an Optimal State® Physical Health Specialist. The goal of this training program is to bridge the Eastern Wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda and Western Psychology. This program will prepare Yoga Therapists to work in the field of Integrative Medicine at hospitals, Senior Centers, Youth Centers, Veteran’s Associations, private practice at home or in studios, and county or government facilities that have a physical health aspect.

  • Total hours: 184 + homework
  • In-person Residential Modules (two 9-day modules): 165 hours
  • Distance learning: 16 hours
  • Final project
  • Program Length: 7 months (September to March each year)
  • In-person Residential Module located in Southern California
  • Led by Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.


In-Person Residential Modules: Two 9-day modules in September and March for a total of 165 hours of in-person training. Both modules must be completed. There is a one day break in between two 4-day segments to digest and relax. Community is created with students. All residential modules are held at a retreat center in Southern California.  Ask for details.

Please note that you might consider taking only the September module or only the March module, depending on the topics that you are interested in.  We can give you a schedule if you would like to see which topics are taught in September vs. March.

Distance Learning/Zoom Online Classes: 1 hour online interactive classes held Friday mornings 10:00am-11:00am PST. These classes will include reviewing case studies of real people. Classes are held on the Zoom platform, making it an interactive class with students from around the world.

Final Project: Create and present a 45-minute presentation on the application of the Optimal State™ Physical Health Model to an under served group. A summary of the presentation including; the population served, your presentation, photos/video of the event, and feedback forms from the participants is required. All presentation documents, including power points, must be pre-approved prior to the presentation. The outreach program highlights our desire to bring yoga and Yoga Therapy to under served and diverse communities.

Daily Yoga Practice: In order to serve others, you must nourish yourself with a practice each day. You will be asked to record a short journal entry about your practice several times a week. You will work with your mentor, peer-mentors and intuition throughout the program to develop a practice that is right for you. It might include postures, breathing practices or meditations. This is mandatory to graduate from the program.

Physical Health Specialist Info Packet
Physical Health Specialist Outline
Physical Health Specialist Application


The application submission window is Nov. 1st- Dec. 15th each year for the Jan. start date. If you would like to turn in your application before that, we would be happy to receive it.  We will accept applications after Dec. 15th in special circumstances, but would prefer that you honor the application window.  

Please note that this program is a combination of 3 separate IAYT APD Courses.  If you take this course you will receive 3 separate CE certificates to use with IAYT as continuing education units.  The benefit of taking the entire course (instead of 3 separate parts) is that the fee is greatly reduced and there is a payment plan.  If you take the 3 courses separately, we ask that you pay each course fee up front and we do not offer a payment plan.  For more details contact us at