Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. & The Optimal State of Living provide Affiliate Schools with the highest quality online education content and certificate programs in Yoga & Yoga Therapy Education.

Amy has created a dynamic and comprehensive educational environment that can be used to enrich your yoga and yoga therapy educational organizations. Participants are inspired and engaged by experiential learning, theoretical & philosophical understanding and modern practical application.  Our courses are not only for yoga & yoga therapy students and teachers, but are also highly accessible and practical for the individual learner without any prior experience.  In addition, these courses are crafted to be both intellectually engaging  and useful for the most discerning health, psychology and education professionals.

Amy's B.A. and M.A. in Health Promotion & Ph.D. in Educational Psychology help integrate western science and ancient wisdom.  These courses intricately merge western physiology & Psychology with thorough theoretical understanding.  The application of the healing potential of individualized & therapeutic benefits of yoga are supported by her ongoing research work in the field of yoga & yoga therapy, creating a learning environment that leaves student inspired and confident.  To learn more about Amy, please click here.

Please see our Online Courses for a list of currently available online curriculum. We are constantly working to expand our course offerings, as well.  *Each course has a PDF detailing how it meets IAYT standards.

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We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!