300-Hour Optimal State Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Optimal State® is offering a 300-hour therapeutic teacher training program. The style of yoga that we offer is called “Viniyoga”, which means adapting yoga practice to the individual and making sure the practice is appropriate for each student. Our program focuses on therapeutic yoga and yoga for mental health.

All students are welcome to join us for this program. You might just like advanced training in yoga, or maybe you want to become a yoga teacher, or you need a 200-hour pre-requisite for a yoga therapy training program. You might also choose to do the 300-hour in person series and this will allow you to get a 300 hour or your 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registration.

The start dates for this course are year round. You can start anytime you are ready. There are videos and homework to do each week, and weekly meetings online to help you get your questions answered. You are also welcome to request a mentor to work with you privately for an additional fee, if you feel you need more support.

The 200-hour course is offered 100% online. We offer an additional 100 hours in person (optional, but will give you a 300-Hour Cert.), if you desire to have a more hands-on learning approach. This would equal 300-hours of training total.

You will have 1 year to complete the program. The course is self-paced and you can finish it in as little as 3 months, if that suits your needs. We can map out a schedule with you when you apply for the program. Email Krishna@TheOptimalState.com with any additional questions.

The cost of this program is $4,000, inclusive of all learning materials. We are approved by the MyCAA program that allows military spouses to receive their yoga teacher training and have it paid for by MyCAA. The name of the program in the MyCAA data base is “Healing Yoga Foundation.”

Bonus: When you complete this 200-Hour Teacher Training, you will receive $4,000 off of the Optimal State Yoga Therapy Training. That is how confident we feel that you will want to continue with us!

7 Steps to Apply for the MyCAA Program- Download the PDF

300 Hour Optimal State Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Application Link

Please use the Contact Us page on the website to set up a meeting with our staff.